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World War II 3D (2011) - Chiến Tranh Thế Giới II

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Dung lượng: 5.57 GB
Chất lượng: 1080p
Số tập: 1
Năm sản xuất: 2011
Quốc gia|Phụ đề:

WWII IN 3D tells the story of the war from the rise of the Nazis, their sweep across Europe, the Allied counterattack and the fall of Nazi Germany. For the first time, you will see dramatic moments of WWII that were captured in 3D with stereographs and then shuttered away in secret archives and attics, until now. This stunning collection of color 3D photos includes Allied reconnaissance photos, a trove of images that documents the rise and fall of the Third Reich, and photos secretly taken by a civilian in occupied France. WWII IN 3D also features an actual 3D motion picture film shot by the Nazis in 1943 and creates a fully immersive, three dimensional portrait of history s largest and bloodiest conflict. 

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